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Subject:  Don't Vote Date:  11/7/2000  12:06 PM
Author:  TomAyles Number:  5513 of 22253

Great column -- it was an important message and made me laugh.

However, I would like to correct the idea that the next President will nominate "three, or maybe four" Supreme Court justices. None of the current justices has indicated that s/he will retire soon. At 80, Justice Stevens is the oldest, but shows no signs of slowing down and jokes about looking for a new tennis partner because his current one is too easy to beat. Chief Justice Rehnquist has told friends before that he might have considered retiring if Dole had won the last election. Some take this as a sign that he might retire if Bush is elected this time. The other one frequently mentioned as potentially retiring due to age is Justice O'Connor, but again, she is in great shape and has not indicated any desire to leave the court. Finally, the potential fourth justice is Justice Ginsburg, who recently survived a bout with cancer. But she made a complete recovery and there is no reason to believe she'll be retiring in the next four years.

So, maybe one justice will leave the court over the next four years -- Rehnquist or Stevens might if they are happy that whoever wins the election today will nominate someone with a philosophy similar to their own; or another might due to health or other reasons. But it's very unlikely that the next President will have to replace three or four justices!

Other than that minor nitpick, great column. I hope that those out there who feel their vote doesn't matter will take it to heart.


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