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Subject:  The SOG master class Date:  12/6/2000  4:52 AM
Author:  Ubermensch1 Number:  19019 of 123806

As we approach the Christmas flurry and we all get caught up in the kind of generosity that pushes consumerism and the economy temporarily into the stratosphere, I'd like to take a moment now to recognize one of the purest examples of beneficence and largesse around. It's right here on the Broadband Bandwagon Board. The Spirit Of Giving master class runs 365 days a year, thanks to the tireless efforts of two principal luminaries among a crowd of outstanding individuals. I speak, of course, of Trenchrat and Bruce Brown.

The hours these two have logged endeavoring to share their considerable wisdom, knowledge, insights, and experiences with the rest of us are as much a testament to their character as they are acts of overwhelming unselfishness. Both know a great deal and both spend a hefty portion of their lives here on this board making things clearer for the rest of us. Either could write their own syndicated column or series of books and line their pockets with extra cash, but here they extend us the benefits of their time and energies without asking for anything in return. Modesty may prevent them from accepting credit for their extraordinary gifts, but having been gone for some time I have just finished sifting through 6,000+ posts since my return and I will say that these two embody the spirit of giving better than any seasonal department store slogan or yuletide tale could hope to do.

Trenchrat, Bruce is too small a thing to credit your contributions to this board, this website, or even to the investment community at large. You are a credit to humanity. Seems like a schmaltzy, frivolous thing to say about someone's presence on a message board, but people reveal more about themselves here than they can possibly know.

It's been said many times, many ways...but I hope everyone here will join me in thanking two of the greatest Fools in Fooldom for unintentionally staging their Spirit Of Giving clinic day in and day out.

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