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Subject:  Re: OK, if you're going to sell it this cheap Date:  3/14/2001  7:10 PM
Author:  rcdarcy Number:  47 of 136

$10 seems about right to me PK. I might be willing to take a flyer at that price. Ten bucks seems to be about fair value for the constuction business, which is pretty much all TCM is at this point. Anything else will be gravy when it happens. TCM is very late to the party in the carrier space. I find it hard to justify paying for something that isn't there, not in this market anyway.

Don't get me wrong, longer term there will be plenty of business to be had, but right now GX is out selling while TCM is just building. I'm a big believer in the bandwidth story, and all the angst over glut is much ado about nothing. There will be more than enough apps to fill the pipes. I'm also a big fan of The Koz. I'm guessing he just might be able to build TCM into a major player sooner when some of the troubled assets out there become available at fire sale prices. Something like TSIX comes to mind, but there will probably be plenty of cable around for cheaper than it cost to build. Big shakeout coming in the telecom sector, no need to pay a premium for anything.

Anyway, 10 bucks it is.

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