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Subject:  Re: Hello? Date:  4/3/2001  9:18 PM
Author:  telecosm2000 Number:  11302 of 26610

Hi Benjamin & KP'ers,

maybe some regualrs are getting a little shell shocked from the NAZDOG damage. The orderly channel of destruction is strating to become a little more disorderly in the endgame/death throes.

Personally, I have been spending more time than usual roaming the boards to get more ammunition for thought on how I might better plan my portfolio. I am sure you have noticed that there are a lot of stocks out there compellingly priced relative to where they were earlier(I know, I know, where have we heard this before, & this kind of thinking has led us astray in the past :^).

And a good point was made that what we sacrifice in quantity(Gorilla & Trenchrat boards are far more prolific & voluminous), we make up for in quality. Think of the Posts of the Day we have had recently, either on our board by PaulPhilip, or by on other boards by regulars, like Erick. I would gladly make the tradeoff of quality over quantity. On some boards(not above ones mentioned), they are of the Run for the Hills & sell everything or you will DIE, DIE, DIE!!!!!!!!!!! variant, like if you have checked out Yahoo & Raging Bulll recerntly.

This in no way implies that Trenchrat's & Gorilla boards are not characterized by quality & quantity- they decidedly are(besides, I know T-Rat has been hanging out lately; Hey T-Rat- great board, I have learned a lot there from things like Bruce Browns Fat Pipe series- that is a great tribute to your person, character, leadership & people skills in making such a cozy space where great talents like Bruce & Erick & Dirty Dingus, etc, et, etc were made to feel welcome & could put there formidable talents on display, to share & help so many others on the dark & lonely path of beginning tech investing).

But there can only be so many boards like this, they are the exception. They take a lot of time, some luck in attracting a critical mass of the right kind of people & thinkers, lots of collective work, the easy famliarity & trust in sharing, the keen desire to help others that all comes with time. And this may happen for us, with Ericks example. I think it will- it will just take some time.

IMO it is better to strive for & lead with quality, in which case the more wide interest & participation should inevitably follow, than to try & cultivate too much quantity for quantities sake, without QA first:^). I would guess that T-Rat & Woolybooger would be the first to step up & say there are some days they wished they had less posts, if they are the wrong kind, & don't ADD, to use a Wooly-ism. At least we are not plagued with that particular malady of basherism.

Lastly, IMO, the very fact that Erick has chosen an ambitious & overarching vision of trying to effect a rapprochement & synthesis of the FA & TA worlds, which I incidently think is the right choice, may have some temporary repercussions. Let me give a personalk example. I am very interested in soon having the time to learn more about TA, getting the Sperendeo(?) & Murphy books, to add to my arsenal.

But at the moment, with my port & the market somewhat in dynamic motion, it is all I can do to focus on my interest, The FA side of things. Reading, here & on a half dozen other boards, thinking, conecting, synthesizing, making changes, bringing the work back here etc. This probably leads to me not discussing TA with Betty, Phatsack, & Erick as much as I would like, for the moment.

And perhaps vice-verce. There are many people who are probably embroiled in the intricacies of learning TA for the first time, or just may not have the time or inclination to engage in conversations that are more FA related, or about Gilder-esque analysis of the technological underpinnings of KARB/M stocks, or Gorilla/NGN...etc.

So there may be an aspect where we currently have seperate cliques on the board that are engaged in & by where there particular interests at the moment lead them. The Gorilla Board seems to be by its nature more focused, based as it is on a core document/book, or perhaps it would be better to say that because of this it is easier to invite wide participation, due toa common structure, foundation & knowledge base. Our board is a bit more eclectic.

Which is great. We put a lot of strands of different but equally relevant & powerful methods. People can take as little or as much as they like, & use it towards their ends as they see fit. Erick, due to his genius & photographic memory, is somewhat lobed differently & advantaged relative to some of us, in that it probably comes easily for hime to effortlessly shuttle back & forth between the worlds of FA & TA. For others here, ability or interest may only permit competence in one or the other, leading to a situation where maybe the FA folk have more to talk about with their FA brethren, & TA with TA, & there is sometimes a tendency to congregate in somewhat insular sub-groups.

And in the spirit of KP's tolerance, if I am interpreting it right, I think this would be seen by Xerohype as perfectly natural & acceptable that some people/groups would gravitate to some aspects of the whole, at the expense of others. As the whole is all of us, between us, we have a lot of bases covered.

I personally look forward to when I can find the time to ease up on my FA research & study of technology, & steep myself in the TA side. This could be very powerful if the TA & FA people really begin to talk to each other, learn from each other, help each other(and by this I mean by asking specific questions of the other side that carry meaning for us in a particular relevant application.

For instance, I have done some tech study of the photonics stocks, so at some point I had hoped to ask Betty & Phatsack & Erick for helping in doing a space breakdown of the charts of SCMR, CIEN, AVNX, CORV, JDSU- that would be a real world app relevant for me. Maybe others would like to do something similar for BEAS, ITWO, SEBL, etc.

Chart people & TA specialists might have specific questions about two stocks in same space, with one chart that looks real promising, & one that looks broken, what might be some fundamental aspects, or technological changes in relative & competitive positioning, or Gorilla type revelations such as Paul Philips & Matts reports on BEAS, that could use the latter to shed light on the former. I am sure there are better collaborative projects that we could collectively think up- these were just off the top of my head in the middle of composing the post, for purposes of illustration.

Projects like this might facilitate mixing & mingling in this giant party we call the KP board. That would be a powerful bridging of the two worlds, & validation of Xerohype's & others on the boards vision.

But we shouldn't think that it will be easy. As alluded to earlier, generalists, inter-disciplinary thinkers & all around Renassaince men like Erick are exceedingly rare. And we don't necessarily need lots of people like that, which would be a futile hope & unrealistic anyway. But we probably need a few. This project might be analogous to one in which a tough problem is tackled & attempted to bew cracked.

Just slapping some scientists & engineers & mathematicians from different disciplines, in & of itself, would not guarantee success. You need the right kind of people, the right leadership(no problems in this department; the biggest reason I am hopeful that Erick's mission will come to fruition here :^), the right structure. And maybe a little luck & magic, where the ingredients click, people find mutual interests by where they they can pool & combine the power of there respective tools, & bring them to bear in a collaborative journey where universal patterns & connections may be discovered thru this teamwork, but could not have been thru isolated, single discipline research.

In molecular biology instrumentation, Lee Hood's career is a shining example of the power of vision, structure & leadership to successfully bring interdisiplinary & generalist power to bear against the bulwark of isolated, specialized problems that have been formerly resistant to loner discipline forays, but yield to a sustained, systemic, concerted attack on multiple fronts. If you don't have the resources, it is a strategic error to fight a battle on multiple fronts(see Napoleon & Hitler, & marches into the Eastern front in the Winter); if you do, there is nothing more powerful.

The power of the whole & the team, when properly applied & motivated, is more powerful in the collective than any of us are as individuals. That is alway a strength, a hope & vision which any of us, in potential, may tap into, if we so choose. Xerohype has set the table. Now it is time to sit down to dinner & enjoy the feast.

Hope to engaging in & actively participating myself in more cross-pollinization of FA & TA ideas on the board in the near future.

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