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Subject:  Re: Tame Date:  6/20/2001  2:54 PM
Author:  CrazyLegsPat Number:  1318 of 2401

"this is pretty low key for a short bus. I expected fistfights....

Let down"

Welcome aboard, Shannon! As a member of the Short Bus welcoming committee, let me say that we're sorry to let you down! Let me formally introduce myself....

The Toy Poodle isn't mine, it's my girlfriend's. I think any guy who owns one is a fairy, but that's JMHO. Oh, BTW, Jimmy owns one.

You said you expected "fistfights"? Nah, we're just not that way around here. At least not any more.

BTW, Dan, your sister looks like a real hotty in that picture. When did you start seeing one another?

And Jim, Dan doesn't look like Jerry, he looks EXACTLY like Ben Stiller when he played that loser in Meet the Parents, don't you think?

And cat, you got your own tongue or are you caught in a friggin' tree somewhere?

And DJ, I noticed around picture-time you disappeared. Hmmm....

And Shiranai, I noticed when one of your boys plays ball over here it becomes a National Event, but when one of our boys goes over there it's because his career is over. What do you make of that?

I'll stop here at Amy 'cause she hates my guts already. But she IS one beautiful 35 year old!

Welcome again, Shannon! Wanna fight?


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