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Subject:  Re: Parent vs Child Assets Date:  8/6/2001  5:51 PM
Author:  elambeth Number:  4142 of 8558

Come on, people, play nice. I didn't mean to incite a nasty argument or invite personal attacks. The original poster simply asked a question about trying to qualify for aid, and I noticed that most of the replies he was receiving were slanted in a direction that would lead him not maximize his financial aid because of the so-called ethics of the people who were offering him guidance. My experience and opinion differs, so I shared it; He is free to follow it or reject it as he sees fit.

It's really easy to be smug about your ethics when it's not draining your own wallet; this guy is trying to pay for college expenses and your sense of whether or not he really "needs" financial aid has no place in this conversation. If you want the max amount of financial aid, some amount of "gaming the system" must be practiced. If you aren't comfortable doing that, fine, but recognize that not everyone shares your world view.

I reiterate that I did not break any laws, so really, we are just talking about certain people's subjective opinions of whether my actions were just.

Jeez, I hold all my stocks for over a year so I pay long term capital gains taxes instead of the higher short-term rate... next thing I know, NellieD will be lambasting me for that "unethical" tax strategy because it shortchages Uncle Sam too.
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