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Subject:  Re: Recent advice re minimum cc pays&lessons lea Date:  8/22/2001  9:15 AM
Author:  scorpiofool Number:  87675 of 312970

^^You define a friend as someone you can tap for cash? ^^

No. Sorry. I put that poorly.

They are friends because they don't tell me that I can't succeed and that my situation is hopeless. They know I'm struggling, whether we talk about that piece or not, but rather than dwell on the negative and add to it, they celebrate what successes we have and continue to have faith that we'll be able to turn things around eventually.

And sometimes, probably when they can sense I'm more-than-usually pre-occupied and tense, they know I'm worried about money. And will ask if I can use some for the short term, a day or 2. (Which I always pay right back.)

In the past, I have done that for people. No, I don't expect it of anyone and I don't see it as a requirement or definition of a friend.
But I do appreciate, from both sides of the situation, the ability to be that honest.

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