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Subject:  A Minor Issue But... Date:  9/14/2001  1:02 PM
Author:  AngryCandy Number:  14238 of 27876

... TMF has really embarassed itself by continuing their standard infantile censorship policy during the aftermath of these attacks.

At a time when Americans have to express their grief, the children running TMF continue to pull posts which have "naughty words" or consist of being "impolite" to one another.

Cable networks like CNN or MSNBC have had the common sense to grow up a little during this time, to understand that we must honor the anger and frustration of America. Some of their video clips come in with those horrible horrible naughty words on the audio. They leave them in. Yes, my gosh and golly, we have heard words like "s**t" on our airwaves. Gasp!

But not on TMF. They continue their immature and inappropriate censorship policy. Instead of allowing everything posted during this time to stand as an enduring expression of Americans' (and citizens of other countries) feelings - they keep spending their time wringing their hands worrying about whether everyone is being nicey-nice to each other or using those dreadful awful naughty words.

It's an embarassment and TMFers contributing to this effort should hang their heads in shame.

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