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Subject:  Re: and now this Date:  10/3/2001  1:19 PM
Author:  MrHerring Number:  57427 of 209754

You know that it would be a "feature" in Windows that would be as intrusive and obnoxious as Clippy the "Unhelp" feature. Ah, but you know on a Mac it would be easy as pie to disengage that talking feature. Point and click, unplug and play.
Somehow I get the feeling that on a PC, it would just be like a nagging spouse. It never shuts up and you can't get rid of it so easily.

it is one of those "processor intensive" activities that i believe will define the NeXT decade of growth.
See, it's lame to Instant Message back and forth

having to read conversations is lame
it doesn't allow us to REALLY express ourselves
because it doesn't cONvey our tONe correctly
which really matters
when being ironical
and sardonic
or dry
or clever

all "sticky" personality traits that keep em coming BACK FOR MORE

the problem is, i think
is that you're thinking of apples voice program
or windows'... does windows even have speakable items?
i dunno
yes it works to say
"computer, tell me a joke"
and that's great
but it's not "revolutionary"

what will be revolutionary, and What AT&T talked about having "in the can"
is the voiceSkinner
that can put George Clooney on your IM
so that when your lonely self goes trolling in the IM universe
looking for love in all the wrong places
you can "send" your text to be spoken by Clooney

but more importantly
for instance
when David posts a post about stuff
he can choose "Austrailian Male, 20-30"
and when I click "play" i can hear david's delightful
aussie accent
and then the various voices on the boards would be distinguished
not only by the words...
but by the tone and timbre

of course you are thinking
"blue, i don't listen to the posts now
and i don't want to, i like to read"

see the "killer app" will be the one that allows david
to make a southpark-like character
be "him" and the voice synth
would be the sound of the voice
and then he would just type his post
and we would see and hear an english accented
3-d viewable hand gestaculational character

and not just text

if god wanted us to communicate with variable tone
and 3-d images
he would've... ohh wait He did.

now, imagine a 3-d immersive area
that we could navigate
like TombRaider or whatever
and in there is the Fool.com2
and behind door number 34825
is the AAPL room
and we walk in
and see various characters
"online" at the moment
I might be a fish with feet
(evolution baby...)
and when you tap me on the shoulder
and say "Hey"
I know your voice...
that is virtual reality

and my auto-response says
using cartman-skin-voice2020
"I'm sorry, blueHerring is not available right now,
please try again later"

gettin it?
all it is is bandwidth
and processor power
and DSPs

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