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Subject:  Re: software is analog Date:  10/4/2001  6:16 PM
Author:  crassfool Number:  57506 of 209734

Herr Herring quotes an article by Simson Garfinkel:

OS X also brings with it Cocoa—a new set of tools for writing desktop applications. These tools evolved from NeXTStep, the development framework for the NeXT computer. I wrote a book about NeXTStep back in 1993, so perhaps I'm biased. But practically all the programmers I knew told me they could write applications with NeXTStep five to 10 times faster than they could for Windows. If Cocoa is even half as good as NeXTStep (and initial indications are that it is better), we could see an explosion of high-quality applications written by individuals or extremely small companies. This means that OS X has the power to revolutionize the software industry.

In fact, Cocoa is NeXTStep, with a whole lot of enhancements and the Aqua HI (developed at Apple, not at NeXT as Garfinkel thinks).

We will see an explosion of small, simple, but cool applications written in Cocoa, and that is a good thing. But it's still the case that when you're writing a heavy-duty, innovative application, the best frameworks and tools in the world (and that would be Cocoa) can only help you to a certain extent.

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