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Subject:  Re: RV? Date:  4/2/2002  9:27 PM
Author:  payitoff Number:  4024 of 6289

Hmmm...I am not liking this making a decison thing..
Too many choices.
After much thought, I am starting to consider a pop up again.
My thoughts:
1. Initial cost of a used pop up lower.
2. Maintainence cost lower and maintenance easier.
3. Storage of trailer easier and less costly then renting storage
space (I don't know if we need to store a motorhome elsewhere
or not. The farm can get quite dusty at times.).
4. Pick up and go easier (?) (A friend liked the motorhome
because she didn't have to pack and unpack each trip.)
5 .In laws won't want to borrow it and if they did, I might be more
inclined to let them use it since it isn't so costly.
6. We will probably only take one 1 week or 2 week trip a year and
at other times take two and three day trips.
7. Better gas mileage on the suburban towing a trailer than a
motorhome. ( Yes, we have a '96 suburban, and no, it's not for
sale. We appreciate it!)
8. Can unhitch the trailer and drive up to the lake to fish. :-)

My husband's thoughts:

1. We'll enjoy the motorhome more because we can jump in and
go whenever we want.
2. The boys can watch a movie and use the restroom when
needed as we drive.
3. We'll be much safer in the hard sided motorhome.
4. Your parents can sleep in it when they come to visit. (Don't go
5. If you go without me (pouting), I'll feel that you are safe in a hard
sided motorhome.
6. We could go on a cross country trip and sleep in the Walmart
parking lot comfortably!
7. We really could use that tax right off.
8. Oh, come on, Honey, live a little!!

The children's thoughts:

1. When can we go?
2. I like bunk beds.
3. Buy the brand new one!
4. Ooh...we like all the neat little gadgets!
5. Who cares if there's a queen bed or not, we can sleep in the
twin beds. Oh, that's right, you guys are going with us.
6. Hurry up and buy something will you?
7. Where do we roast the marshmallows?
Decisions, decisons, decisions
..who is feeling very blessed to even be considering the idea...

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