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Subject:  Re: Political favors article Date:  10/1/2002  11:35 AM
Author:  goldenbb Number:  7949 of 10421

jcm1313. "If we were to ban corporations from political spending, it would give more weight to foreign governments and special interest groups."
When I said special interest groups in this line, I meant that to be excluding corporations. Groups that are joined by donation or membership i.e AARP, NRA, PETA, etc, rather than corporate ownership. Also, I did not say foreign governments influence our elections. However, foreign companies do have lobbiests, and influence might be exerted through them. Maybe Bill Mann (TMF Otter) could give us some input on this. Can foreign governments contribute to political campaigns, or lobbiests directly?

"I would point out that it also doesn't say ""from the consent of the radical special interest groups whose opinions deviate from the vast majority of Americans" I don't have a problem with special interest groups. I'm a member of a union that makes political contributions, and I contribute to other groups that may use the funds for political influence. I can understand how I may have misled you, as I used inflamatory language to make my point as follows. "Eliminating political contributions would have to be an all or nothing thing to maintain balance." Put another way, if you prohibit corporate interest groups from political spending, other special interest groups should also be prohibited from political spending. If the oil companies can't lobby to drill Alaska, the Sierra club shouldn't be allowed to lobby against it. All sides should be heard from. That being said, I feel there is inequity in political spending. Campaign reform needs to address this issue. Finally, after rereading my comment on politicians,it does appear rather cynical. I wrote it toungue in cheek, with a sly grin and a smiley face drawn after the final sentence! I hope this clarifies my point. Thanks for your response! goldenbb
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