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Subject:  From the Boss Date:  11/13/2002  9:14 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  938 of 4296

From the Boss:

To: Raggmopp, Burley, and The Rabid Frisky Cheerleaders (love that cleavage, Suzette).

I think it is time that we – by that I mean particularly me – should realize that the possibility of me winning The Feste Award grows ever less with each nomination. I am finding that this onrush of talent, content and value to others to be more than daunting – it's becoming embarrassing. I fear that my chances – slim as they were at the beginning when I was the Lone Feste Applicant – were dashed with one nomination. My chances were not cut to fifty percent but the whole enchilada.

Therefore I have decided that my efforts – and others' efforts on my behalf – will be more usefully applied to the one award that I have the slightest chance of getting: The Feste Award Third Class with Palm Cluster. Yes, I realize that I made up the Award. I did that because I realized the main Award, The Feste would go to cogency, perspicuity, quintessence, extensiveness and owning a thesaurus.

I do not believe I am admitting failure by not aiming that The Feste Award and concentrating on The Feste Award Third Class with Palm Cluster. It is that I am putting things in perspective and realizing that contesting against those already nominated is futile and, with more to be nominated, resistance is futile.

Point: is The Feste Award Third Class with Palm Cluster within my grasp? I think it is partially because it comes with an ugly trophy that no one wants (a bronze casting of two Canadian copulating in a canoe set on a plinth representing a waterfall that canoe and passengers are about to be swept over and titled 'So Far, So Good'). Also, there is no one of my caliber at TMF: at least there's no one that would admit it publicly. I am, therefore, a cinch for the award, the trophy and any pecuniary offering TMF gives to The Feste Award Third Class with Palm Cluster.

At the voting of The Feste Award there will be a choice of ten fine people. Chose from that list and you'll recognize the best at TMF. However, there will be a check box, number 11 for The Feste Award Third Class with Palm Cluster Check that box. It has but one name besides it: mine. The check is then in the mail.


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