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Subject:  Re: OT:Nickel and Dimed Date:  12/31/2002  1:22 PM
Author:  otterrivervalley Number:  88351 of 888851

the book appears to highlight what I like to call the financial circle of chasing the almighty dollar:

1st: start with government. say start here, because its not going away and we as Americans keep demanding the state, local and feds to do more for us. So the cost of running the states, local and fed government keeps going up. Course it doesn't help that the politicians also have their own personal "re-election" programs they want to fund. But bottom line, those that pay for the government to function keep getting asked for more and more.

2nd: businesses: we expect businesses to provide us with jobs, products, and pay taxes. But businesses find themselves there to earn profits, stay afloat. But we as workers want more and more in terms of wages and benefits just so that we can a) pay the increasing costs to live in the form of taxes and fees, child activity costs, college fees,etc b) have a little fun for our own efforts
(and I laugh when some complain that our businesses are taking their factories over seas. Its a matter of survival.
we wonder at how sports figures can get 7 figure salaries while a President of our country only gets 400K. Companies are held hostage by unions demanding ever increasing salaries for their workers who are in return demanding the ever increasing salaries so that their workers can continue to make ends meet.)

so whats it all result in, the dollar chase game. We want more, the government wants more of what we have, businesses have. Special interest groups want more and more regulations that cost more and more to meet. Businesses want to stay in business so they raise the cost of their products to pay all the fees to stay profitable. WHich costs us more to live. Employees of state and fed and local governments all want more in wages, which the citizens get to pay up for.

its like the hampster on the wheel. There is no end point in sight. There is no way to break the cycle or stop the chasing of the almighty dollar. And the sad part is, those on the bottom of the "pyramid" will find it impossible to keep up.... which is why we hear the ever increasing cry for more and more social programs which again raises the cost of living for those paying. and it goes on and on until something gives/breaks. It has to, because the system as it is taxing the ones making it work more and more (and we are already seeing some of the effect growing, companies are heading out of the country or are selling out to foreign entities, or just closing their doors for good). The only way it will not break is if the spending stops increasing. And we know that isn't going to happen as long as our politicians put getting votes over doing whats needed to stem the tide.

again, just my opinion..... the cost of housing is just one of the symptoms of the big problem we as a country face. And as long as we keep wanting more and more, the problem will continue to grow....
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