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Subject:  Re: Self Storage as an Investment Date:  5/19/2003  2:55 PM
Author:  nmckay Number:  107910 of 888337

GWM, you didn't miss anything about my solar farm example. I knew it wouldn't work for you because you don't intend to keep it long enough to get your payback. 32KW/day is quite a bit of light. I recall your customers apreciate it. And you've got pretty cheap power. The only thing I'd suggest is looking for more efficient lamps when your present ones burn out. It may be worth a few bucks.

My example was for those intending to start from the ground up. First off you'd have to balance the fixture type and output with the energy requirements to see what's possible. There are some pretty good fixtures out there. Additionally, you could use motion sensors and timers to control the lighting in unused areas. It may not be worth it to burn the lights all night all over the facility on the off chance that someone will show up to get into their space. The idea is to get the power consumption down to the level where PVs start to make sense. There's probably an optimal size for the facility based on this analysis as well. A lot depends on where your live. In the Peoples Republic of California, you could be printing money. SUS or PSA could probably run with this concept and become the next ENRON (or maybe not).

Again, as a retrofit, it doesn't make a lot of sense. The other attraction of doing this up front is that you can roll the cost into your construction loan instead of paying for it in one lump as a later upgrade.

Seatlepioneer seems to want to lump everyone who speaks of energy eficiency into one politically charged pile. I chuckle to think of myself with that group. I'd stand out like a narc at a Phish concert. Nope, I think of it more like Living Below Your Energy Means. I bet SP still insulates the hot water line when he does his HVAC repairs. Changes the filters regularly, too. I design with the same mindset. I just have some cooler toys like radiant floors and point of use hot water heaters at my disposal. When it make sense to use them, I do. But I won't force a solution on the wrong problem. That's why I just can't drink the green cool-aid.

My thing is practicality and gaming the system. I enjoy taking advantage of the spread between Mother Nature and human stupidity. A house in Ohio shouldn't look like a house in Florida, but they do.

in confusion, there's money
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