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Subject:  Re: screening with TC2000 Date:  6/27/2003  1:24 AM
Author:  foolsmith Number:  487 of 487

I have no idea why TC2000 listed the cap for XING at 78 on June 13. It is given as 151 today (6/26). Assuming that there was no change in the number of shares outstanding, the price would have to double for the cap to double, but the price hasn't changed that much. You might compare the cap on different days for a volatile stock to see if multexinvestor and TC2000 recalculate the cap every day. All of the financial data is subject to error of course.

As far as PVIS is concerned, the Yahoo symbol PVIS.OB tells us that it is not listed on NASDAQ but on the OTC bulletin board. TC2000 lists all stocks that are traded on NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ, but not OTC stocks that NASDAQ does not list. In other words, some OTC stocks are listed on NASDAQ (TC2000 includes all of these and calls them OTC stocks) and the rest of the OTC stocks do not qualify for NASDAQ and TC2000 does not list them, and Yahoo calls them *.OB stocks.

I personally prefer not to invest in stocks that TC2000 does not list, but do not know what DrBob2 would do. You can ask him on the MI board if you wish.

By the way, thanks for your question. I was not aware of the meaning of OB at Yahoo and did not fully understand why Multexinvestor differed from TC2000 until I sat down and read up on all of this.

- foolsmith
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