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Subject:  Re: Looking for links Date:  8/15/2003  7:18 PM
Author:  LongHook Number:  2275 of 4871

But won't increasing the acceleration ultimate result in increasing the speed (even if it isn't the only factor)?

Speed is nothing but acceleration over some time. Acceleration will increase your speed by some certain time 't', but it won't increase your top speed. This is how ion drives work, for example -- they have almost no appreciable thrust, but because they're highly efficient (relatively speaking) a system using ion engines can attain very, very high speeds. It just takes a long time to build up to that point.

When talking about space ships and "speed", saying it can go such-and-such speed isn't particularly meaningful. This is why many sci-fi stories talk about things in terms of pounds-thrust or G's acceleration, because that's really what matters.

Why *wouldn't* someone have enough material to do this?

Not everyone is prolific. Some people may only write one good short story a year because of time constraints, etc. At least, until they get enough feedback that they can justify working on fiction more.

That would *have* to be more efficient, and hopefully more effective, than sticking exclusively to one genre and submitting to one market at a time.

Yes, and if you're looking for good feedback quickly, then that's exactly what I would do.

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