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Subject:  Re: New Fool on the Board Date:  10/15/2003  9:18 AM
Author:  nospam4me Number:  274 of 2920

Good post, JP.

A couple things from my own limited experience:

1:> If i'm losing weight -- even a small amount, like a pound a week, my glucose numbers improve significantly. Typical range while losing weight has been 80-100 [on 500 mg glucophage]. One evening pig-out will pop the AM reading to over 120.

B:> i am able to lose weight on a wack-o diet of 6 small meals a day, with vast quantities of fiber and gallons of nutrasweet-water. One of the meals is typically a 10-oz brick of frozen spinach or about a pound of frozen mixed veggies, flavoured with lemon juice, butter, and a half an onion. Another meal: 3 carrots shredded, with 1/8 cup sunflower seeds, 1/8 cup raisins, a slug of lemon juice and a bottle-cap of olive oil. My weight loss goal is only about 40 lbs (210 to 169) over a period of a year. i wouldn't recommend this method to anyone seeking rapid weight loss, except under medical supervision.

III:> If i don't do my aerobic exercise, i begin to feel more tired & get more little aches and pains. This can lead me to even less exercise and more lethargy.

I also strongly second the recommendation on adding resistance exercises; e.g. weight training. It's basically mandatory for the over 50 Type II set, in terms of lean muscle mass and increasing insulin sensitivity and promoting long-term weight loss. "Push up the weights...roll back the years"..

Something for me to think about! Even if i don't have the $$$ for the weight room, maybe i need to find it -- or at least learn to love the push-up. Trouble is, that river in Egypt is incredibly ubiquitous.


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