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Subject:  What more can I do? Date:  12/29/2003  7:24 AM
Author:  Charet Number:  349 of 2920

Ok, my ketone strip 2 days ago was moderate. Yestarday none and today low. I believe there is a flux because I am still learning how to plan daily meals and eat enough calories while limiting my carbos. My blood sugar has been pretty good and my weekly averages (I have to test blood 4 times a day) were all in the lower part of the acceptable range. I believe with gestational diabetes, the normes are a little lower than Type II or I according to what I read.

I read with gestational diabetes that ketones means you are not getting enough calories and/or carbos. We went to the mall yestarday and I wasn't able to eat all of my required carbos for my snack. What do I do in a situation like that?.

I don't want to have to eat high fat and cholesterol hamburgers to get the carbs. The low to no carb food here is not transportable (sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles, sugar free pudding, etc) except sugar free cookies. Also, what is a good caloric food with low carbs that I can eat at night to stop the ketones?.

I didn't care for my nutrionist whatsoever. She just kept saying I have to eat this many carbohydrates. My insurance will not cover any more visits so I am lost what to do.

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