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Subject:  Re: A little rain never hurt anyone Date:  2/24/2004  6:09 PM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  5601 of 11896

Everyone's probably heard that people who live in Southern California generally don't have a clue about how to drive when the roads get wet (which isn't very often). I've witnessed this first-hand many times living in San Diego. People continue to drive at 70 MPH with no more than 1 car length between them and the vehicle in front of them.

I live in San Diego as well. The frustrating thing isn't just the people who still drive upwards of 70mph when the roads are all wet, it's also the drivers who, on the same stretch of freeway, feel that nothing higher than 35mph in the fast lane is safe. That's what creates the accidents. It's not just the idiots that drive like the road is still bone dry. It's a combination of the fast idiots and slow morons that makes for a hazardous road situation.

i live in no.Cal where we get more rain so *maybe* we're less insane... but
that's been my observation as well --
that when it rains.... some don't change their driving at all,
some slow down a bit, and some slow down a lot
.... and it's that mixture that causes the chaos.
(esp'ly the slow people in 'fast' lanes and fast people weaving more
..... because of slow t moderate in the 'fast' lanes)

a perfect example of the GeorgeCarlin line, "ever notice how people who drive
faster than you are maniacs, and those who drive slower are morons?"

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