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Subject:  Re: Stick To Your Knitting? Date:  3/12/2004  9:18 AM
Author:  marcarlo Number:  278 of 766

I will be running the Boston Marathon next month, so I feel I can speak a little to the motivation of highly aerobic atheletes. If a runner or a cyclist believes that a product helps with their performance (and it does not have health or ethical downside)they will use it end of discussion. That being said I have never used breathe right-though I intend to try partly because I own a few shares. I have howevever asked other runners in my club if they have tried it-and a couple told me that they had found no benefit from the product. Why that it is I do not know.

I will observe though, that at least for runners, and at least for runners that are performing towards the top-end of output-they breathe through their mouth. In fact I have read advice that goes something like this: Do not even bother trying to breathe through your nose, let you mouth hang open, relaxed like a fish.

Yet, breathing its cadence, efficiency, the difficulty of.... is so vitally important to a runners sense of well being, that anything that helps will win converts. I run a fair number of New York Road Runners events, and I have to say although I see a few people wearing breathe right strips, they are not at all a common sight. I will try to pay more attention in the future, runners are obsessed with shoes.

Finally, cyclists are the prima donnas of gear. Beginning with their bikes, through to clothing, they have to have the right stuff. They also average considerably lower aerobic output, and might be more likely to breathe through their noses. I will buy some breathe right strips and share my experiences in the near future.


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