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Subject:  Re: JohnGaltII : Poetry in motion Date:  7/2/2004  11:57 AM
Author:  deanwoodward Number:  9311 of 23810


It's hypocrites like JR that love to assert that it's Libertarians and Republicans that are heartless, cruel, and don't care about others, yet when given the opportunity, they can't help but show their true colors. As much as I despise the so-called 'ideals' of JR, sandyleelee, and the rest of their clique, I wouldn't try to make some hay out of someone's death. It's just morally wrong, plain and simple, to those of us that have such things as morals.

People like JR are so wrapped up in their hate, envy, and spite, that I wonder if they realize that they have become a prisoner of their own ideology. I say 'prisoner', because how can you really be free, if you get up every day hating someone else? His profile says that his great book read recently is Stupid White Men by Michael Moore, so it's pretty clear that he's not only drinking the Kool-Aid, but intoxicated by it. Fine. To each his own. But looking to hurt others is evidence of a psychological (sociopathic?) problem.

I also find it interesting that JR leaves himself an 'out', in that he says he 'find(s) no glee in another's untimely demise', but if you read between the lines, it certainly sounds like he does. He leaves himself some plausible deniability, because he doesn't want to admit that he probably does want those of us not drinking his flavor of Kool-Aid to just drop dead. This from the 'party that cares about all of us'. Yeah, right. Actions like his speak so much louder than the empty platitudes they love to throw in our faces. They put politics above simple human decency. That's their problem -- all we can do is not get drawn down to their level. I'm sure he'll try to argue that somehow, we deserve this treatment for all the injustices we've heaped upon others. Whatever. When you can't step back from arguing your point of view long enough to honor someone who treated everyone with respect, presented his thoughts with a wonderful (and rare) combination of logic and fact, and above all, lived a life in service to others, it's clear that you have some serious problems with perspective.

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