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Subject:  Re: Libertarians and Their Little Theories Date:  7/7/2004  2:04 AM
Author:  zsimpson Number:  9398 of 23810

WRONG. You have confused Libertarian with FASCIST. You and apparently most of the other people that hang out here are very confused about your political philosophy! The thinking on this board DOES NOT represent Libertarian thinking! Period. Someone in this thread posted what a great thing it was the Bush has invaded a foreign country that posed no threat to us and he received 13 recs so far! That is one of the most ANTI-Libertarian things I can imagine, and is in total and complete opposition to the thinking of all the top Libertarian leaders of the past few decades. Have you ever heard of Ron Paul or Harry Browne or even Pat Buchanan??? Get a f'king clue!

You need to change the name of this board from Libertarian Fools to Just Plain Fools because this board is absolutely clueless about Libertarianism...

1. Do not yell. I am right here and it simply makes you look like a newbie or Howard Dean.
2. I know the difference between Libertarian and Fascist. Apparently yo do not if you consider our country even remotely close to a fascist state.
3. I think you need to double-check you facts before telling people what is or isn't historically accurate.
4. Simply because you cannot think of a better argument does not mean swearing will help your argument.
Now, please stop acting like a child. I have two already and so far, you do not behave as well as they do.
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