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Subject:  Re: Roman Shades Date:  8/30/2004  10:38 AM
Author:  Frydaze1 Number:  3350 of 7388

I haven't done mine yet (for the dining room) but MIL loaned me a book with great instructions, and I also caught a show on how to make them (one of the PBS channels).

Things I remember off the top of my head:
1) You can buy tape with rings already attached at intervals. If you sew this tape vertically on the back of your shade, you can run the cord through it. Easier than some of the pleat-the-lining methods I've seen.

2) Be sure to put a tape in the center (or whatever other method you're using) no matter how narrow the blinds are. Without the center tape it won't pull properly/evenly.

3) Use a dowel or 1/2" x 1" strip at the very bottom of the shade. This provides enough weight to lower the blinds, gives a nice straight edge to the bottom, and also a straight edge for raising them.

4) Use a good thick lining if you're going for insulation (but you knew that!)

5) The easiest way to make the valance seemed to be to buy a strip of wood (with whatever decorative shaping you want), cover it with a thin batting, then with the material, and staple it on the back. (Obviously you'll need to do small side pieces the same way, to extend the front-piece out from the window). Then make another material-piece to re-cover just the back, and staple it neatly over your prior staple-work.

6) Hang your shade from a strip of 1" x 2" at the top of the window frame. Screw eyelet-headed-screws (I'm sure there's a proper name for those) into the bottom of this wood, exactly over each strip of ring-tape on your blinds, plus an extra screw at the edge of the "cord" side. So the cord comes up through the tape then out to the side through the eyelet screws, with all 3 (or more) cords exiting through that last "edge" screw (all 3 cords will also go throught the prior eyelet, and 2 of 3 will go through the one before that).

Hope that was somewhat coherent and helpful!
PLEASE come back with thoughts and corrections as you make yours, so I can learn before I make mine! Thanks!
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