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Subject:  Re: Finding a good financial planner Date:  2/11/2005  12:13 AM
Author:  intercst Number:  44482 of 100389

boltsonp writes,

I have no advice about finding a financial planner and I too struggle with how to get the best loiw risk return . I will share my father's strategy with you. He was a blue collar worker who always saved at least 10% of what he earned, along with tax refunds and any other windfall that came along. While my family lived frugally, my Dad's savings grew. This blue collar worker in a single earner household put two kids through college and retired with just about $1 million in the bank. Yes, the bank. He invested in CDs (certificates of deposit), shopping for the highest rates and spreading it across many banks. He found banks that paid as much as 13 or 14% in the 70s I believe. He also purchased some US savings bonds along the way. He (being a child of the depression) did not trust the stock market and its risks. My family often ponders what he might have accumulated had he put some of his money into the market, even conservatively. But he is living proof, that you can accumulate wealth without risk through prudent saving and understanding the "miracle of compound interest and time." Since you are still young, why not look for the best and safest returns? Leave the risk taking to the older generation that got a late start and doesn't have a choice.

It's much harder to accumulate $1 million in this manner when CDs are paying 2% to 5%.

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