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Subject:  Re: Religionists miss the scale of things Date:  3/13/2005  2:56 PM
Author:  catfyre Number:  143654 of 528361

We're doing it ourselves.

It certainly looks that way!

The late 'environmental ethicist' Stan Rowe, together with naturalist/ecologist Ted Mosquin, a very special friend of mine for the past 35 years, has produced an enlightening and powerful Manifesto which may serve up some food for thought to the 'thinkers' on this board:

"The Ecosphere is the Life-giving matrix that envelops all organisms, intimately intertwined with them in the story of evolution from the beginning of time. Organisms are fashioned from air, water, and sediments, which in turn bear organic imprints. The composition of sea water is maintained by organisms that also stabilize the improbable atmosphere. Plants and animals formed the limestone in mountains whose sediments make our bones. The false divisions we have made between living and non-living, biotic and abiotic, organic and inorganic, have put the stability and evolutionary potential of the Ecosphere at risk."

"Humanity's 10,000-year-old experiment in mode-of-living at the expense of Nature, culminating in economic globalization, is failing. A primary reason is that we have placed the importance of our species above all else. We have wrongly considered Earth, its ecosystems, and their myriad organic/inorganic parts as mere provisioners, valued only when they serve our needs and wants. A courageous change in attitudes and activities is urgent. Diagnoses and prescriptions for healing the human-Earth relationship are legion, and here we emphasize the visionary one that seems essential to the success of all others. A new worldview anchored in the planetary Ecosphere points the way. "

Stan has since died, but in a quote describing himself, he said:

"I'm not a misanthrope, but a defender of Earth against the excesses of anthropes."


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