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Subject:  Spousal Consilidation Question Date:  8/7/2005  9:56 AM
Author:  mikestanley Number:  3915 of 4855

I fear the answer to this is likely to be no, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

My wife and I consolidated our student loans several years ago, at 7.625. So yeah, we're screwed on interest rate.

But right now we're both working on second degrees (work for a university, so school is free) and our loans are in deferment status. We're doubling up on payments to our unsubsidized loans, knocking out all the principle we can while the subsidized loans just sit there not accruing interest.

Our "problem" is that my wife will finish her MA in a year or so, then will stop taking classes when we have a child. At that point, since we won't both be half-time, we'll lose our deferment status.

Having said all that, is it possible for me to consolidate our spousal consolidation loans over just to me, so that if I continue to work on a degree I can keep them deferred?

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