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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/15/2005  3:47 PM
Author:  Crosenfield Number:  212575 of 312954

As you describe it, no, I am not on EMR.
We tried electronic order entry. We really tried. The system we had just was not sufficiently user-friendly, and we went back to writing orders longhand. Now, I am hospital-based, and this hospital just has an attending staff of seven, and we don't have any personality conflicts. It was unanimous: this system won't work! Too many errors! So it went to the trash heap.
Your next conversation with the boss goes along the line that you love your patients, you love being an internist, you enjoy your associates, but they are doing their record keeping in a manner that does not allow you to be the doctor you can be, and the Creator has consistently ignored your requests for more hours in the day. It is possible that the software problems that make it impossible for you to function effectively will cause them to change at some point, but for now you need to work in a different setting. Most medical journals have classified ads for CompHealth, Vista, Kron, Doctor's Associates (I think they changed names a few years back) and they'd be delighted to put you in more agreeable practice settings.
If I were a patient and my doctor were fighting a computer program instead of listening to me, I'd be pretty pissed!
I'm sure you will solve this problem with your usual logic and charm,and if it involves a change in venue, so be it. Long term, the change is likely to be for the better.
Best wishes, Chris
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