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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/15/2005  7:25 PM
Author:  xraymd Number:  212592 of 312956

Greetings, Abfacken, your thoughts are all good - they've been suggested in various ways to the practice - but it would take a commitment on the part of the practice to implement these changes along with required companion software (which then has its own maintenance and upgrade cycle). The proprietary software is rigid in its design - no free-text allowed! It will move forward only when the results of a search have been satisfied. To try to get around this, the support team (basically the office manager) has come up with a special code she calls "Spot Holder" but now the database is riddled with "Spot Holder" codes that have gone unresolved for nobody has time to learn enough Crystal Reports to find and to resolve them. Are you getting the picture that this is just too bleeding-edge in some ways? Logic such as you have shown is not in play here, for there is literally zero computer expertise on staff and the docs who have adapted are operating in the environment completely without regard to valid data in. If they can find the code when searching (as is REQUIRED), hey, great, and if they CAN'T, in the interest of time they either ignore it or input the "Spot Holder" and exactly how valid is the data in the database then? But that is not of much import at the moment when 4 patients are yet waiting to be seen and the pressure is on to MOVE ON.

In defense of the EMR, it is actually handy once the data is already in there. It's just the act of having to be the one cut up day by day by the bloody complexities of poor interface design in a production environment that makes the effort so unpleasant.

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