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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/16/2005  1:55 PM
Author:  Booa Number:  212644 of 312954

The newest doc in the practice who has already adapted to EMR freely admits that he does not record info for future reference. He says he will just "reconstruct" the history from hearing about how the patient is doing weeks to months later. I don't think I want to rely on my memory to be able to do this, nor do I believe I would be any faster at trying to do this than if I'd written it down timely and in full. Yet he is easily seeing his 23 patients a day and encoding at least 14 of them and leaving the office by 6:30pm - so however imperfectly, he is apparently doing it. He acknowledges that even if he shows me HOW he does, that I might not opt to mimic him if I would prefer to capture a greater level of detail. He is in no way a better, nor worse, physician than I am, but he has been able to record less because it suits his comfort level. It does not suit mine. And that fact alone may indeed spell the end of my present job.


Good grief! This practice is begging to lose a medical malpractice suit. Jeez, whoever is making these decisions must have their head so far up their @ss that it echoes when they talk.

The more I hear about this, the more I think you're better off somewhere else--working at this place sounds like it presents an unacceptable risk to your own career's well-being. :-( You will the be the one held accountable if you miss entering something because of this ridiculous EMR thing, in a lawsuit, and even if your place of employment also got sued, it wouldn't impact them nearly as much as it would you.

xraymd, get out get out get out. I am extremely fond of you, and this place sounds like it's being run by inflexible idiots that don't have the self-preservation instincts that God gave little furry animals. I don't want their stupidity to hurt you. :-(

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