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Subject:  Where I Stand Date:  11/10/2005  8:54 PM
Author:  anniesdad Number:  7116 of 14484

From the Yahoo CWEI m/b...

Where I Stand
by: wholdcroft
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/10/05 06:52 pm
Msg: 138873 of 138914

Although a long time reader of this board, this is my first posting. And I think it is important that you know where I sit before I tell you where I stand.

1. I believe that inexpensive petroleum products are an inalienable right of all Americans guaranteed by the little-known Amendment 10a to the Constitution (See page 2 of Bill of Rights)

2. I believe that reported damage to the petroleum industry in the Gulf of Mexico is a myth foisted upon us by “Big Oil” for the selfish motive of gaining media exposure.

3. I believe that Saudi Arabia will be able to meet any future global petroleum demand by employing a new horizontal drilling technology that will allow extraction of hydrocarbons from outer space.

4. I believe imposing a windfall profits tax on “Big Oil” will result in lower costs to the consumer, decreased petroleum consumption in Asia and a generally brighter smile.

5. I believe that any numerical industry measurements issued by my government should be an important part of my investment decision-making process and should trump any personal experience and/or observations.

6. I believe that Europe continues to show its gratitude to the United States for the U.S.'s assistance during World War II by supplying the east coast with unlimited amounts of petroleum distillates at "cost".

7. I believe that large petroleum refineries have become an historical artifact of the 1950(s) U.S. economy and will begin to be replaced (in time for Christmas, I'm told) by the Ronco PCS (Personal Cracking Station). Although initially priced at over $750 million per unit, executives say that the price will drop through future manufacturing efficiencies.

8. I believe that abundant hydrocarbon reserves remain within North America's boundaries and that they all exist in areas that are easily accessible and can be developed with emerging technology that emits no noise or exhaust and leaves a fresh minty aftertaste.

9. I believe that the energy stocks traded in New York and Toronto are fairly priced by professionals who know much more about the industry than I do.

10. I believe that one day we will receive our energy needs from the GooGle search web page. (ADSL connection required for Mayan Crude).

So, I was wondering if …. Wait – this is the JDSU discussion board, right?

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