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Subject:  The further I go the less I know Date:  12/15/2005  5:15 PM
Author:  AlsoChorizo Number:  4389 of 15865

I had a pretty involved discussion the other night with my current guy. I'm surprized by how much we are all alike. We struggle with the same fears and anxieties. We all like to think we are unique and different but in reality most of us have the same problems. The paths and degree of the problems may vary but on the whole we are in the same spot.

I decided to not spend as much this year on gifts. I have found that most of my friends would rather spend quality time than have me spend money. On Tuesday night I met with a few friends and one of them was talking about how she was so broke. Not like being thin financially, but really broke - half a tank of gas, no money in the bank, no food on the shelf. When we shifted locations (coffee to dinner) I went in the Safeway and got a $50 giftcard (which I was able to do since I haven't spent huge amounts this year). She was overwhelmed, but I told her that I was sure she would have done the same for me if it was within her means.

Life is a struggle but when we have others to share the problems with (as well as the joys) things always go better. I saw a movie recently where one of the characters was looking back over his life and he had come to realize that the choices he made along the way didn't really matter that much. He felt he had been granted the choice he made, but looking back he also admitted that what he had rejected had also been granted. Maybe not in the way he thought it should happen but it was granted none the less.

I know this time of the year has it's struggles and additional stupidity but I think when we are able to talk with each other and express what we are going through we can't help but help each other. I don't know how to solve any of my problems but when I share it with my friends we all seem to figure it out.

This being said I am grateful for you all and this place where we can "talk" to each other.

AC *doesn't work things out too well alone*
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