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Subject:  Re: Has anything changed ? Date:  1/31/2006  12:46 PM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  7636 of 27171

“Facts are facts; no new broad organizational plan has appeared for several hundred million years, and for an equally long period of time numerous species, animal as well as plant, have ceased evolving…

My last stab at this. You picked up on the bolded part, now I understand. Thanks for patiently explaining your POV. But you still did not provide evidence that counter the bold part. He said "numerous species" . . . to counter that claim, you'd have to ask him "Which ones?", then provide specific counterevidence. You can't do that, because paleontologists can point to numerous species that ceased evolving in the past 100 million years. It's not a disputed fact.

Bryan, I know we clash at times, but that shouldn't prevent us from discussing this professionally. I'll try to do better on my part.

I appreciate that.

Yet, I feel very much like we are all vultures and hyenas, all circling around the same dead carcass that has already been picked clean long ago.

I struggle to come up with something new to say about CvE, and end up saying the same old things. Joe was right.

We're in a rut. It's fun for awhile when new people come along, then the same old.

All I really care about is defending the point of view that there is a rational basis for seeing design, and therefore the work of a creator. Not that the evidence is compelling to the point where no one has a choice.

I realize that those coming from a way of looking at the world that does not allow the existence of the supernatural will not see design. How could they? I can't argue with them . . . we live in different worlds.

Reminds me of an old story:

"Gracious!", exclaimed Mrs. Snip, "and is there a place where
people venture to live above ground?" "I never heard of people
living *under* ground", replied Tom, "before I came to Giant-Land."
"Came to Giant-land!" cried Mrs. Snip, "why, isn't everywhere Giant-Land?"

(Roland Quiz, Giant-Land)

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