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Subject:  Re: Lund banned Date:  2/11/2006  7:17 AM
Author:  AcmeFool Number:  876 of 1785

They should've done something about this sooner, the Olympics are pretty much the pinnacle for a lot of athletes.

No matter when they did it, he would be out for this Olympics. Also, given than this was a CAS ruling, I would be willing to bet that rulings had been made some time ago (maybe not released, but made) and this was just final arbitration to afirm them.

I mean he'd been taking the medication for about 6 years and it was just added to the list of no-no's last year and of all the times he was drug tested it showed up once?

He admits to taking it, so there is nothing fishy about him testing positive. The test probably is not as advanced as a lot of it gives a lot of false negatives. (Certainly better if it gives false negatives than false positives.) That and/or it was added to the banned list at the beginning of the year, but they did not start testing for it until late in the year...nothing fishy about that; it happens all the time as they realize something is a masking agent, but they don't know how to test it yet.

I think CAS handled this correctly. They stated that they do not believe he is a cheat, but he made a mistake. The rules are pretty clear and he has to pay the price for his mistake. I agree this is sad, but that does not mean anything was done improperly...

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