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Subject:  Re: Ohio setback for ID Date:  2/16/2006  11:19 AM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  7913 of 27171

ID already has failed: in the ten year since Darwin's Black Box was published, there have been numerous papers in professional journals refuting it. Behe made a prediction, that irreducible complexity existed at the biochemical level, and this prediction was tested by his peers, and found to be incorrect. When Behe says that all the papers presented at the Dover trial about the evolution by natural selection of the immune system are "not good enough" he is just pouting.

I read that there is a new edition of DBB coming out this year, and Behe has added an appendix looking at the research that has been done since 1996.

Doubt there will be anything new to add that we don't already know . . . there have been no detailed explanations of how any IC systems could have evolved, just comforting fairy tales.

What I fear is that US science literacy will fall even farther behind relative to other countries. I fear that this will erode whatever technological and economic advantages we still retain in the post-Cold-War world. I am particualarly concerned from a national security standpoint about our status relative to China in the coming decades.

Cause and effect, Joe. What is the connection between critically examining darwinism and our national security? Public education, with it's federally-mandated position on science, teaches kids to "shut up and believe what we tell you". Not a recipe for teaching them to creatively solve problems that they will face in the future.

Maybe this is why our science education if falling behind, kids are not allowed to question, teachers are not allowed to challenge them to develop critical thinking skills.

Here is an interesting article that contrasts the two approaches:

My daughter is a 7th grader at a local Christian grade school. A few evenings ago I took her out for her favorite dinner of Alaskan king crab & key lime pie. Just for grins I asked her to “tell me what you know about evolution”.

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