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Subject:  Re: Ohio setback for ID Date:  2/16/2006  1:41 PM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  7930 of 27171

Are you now conflating evolution with Darwinism?

You're splitting hairs. It's creationists and IDists who do that. To them, Darwinism is a derogatory word for evolution. In the sense that any scientist would use the word, "Darwinism" is not taught in schools anyway.

Ok, but Dembski is an IDist and a creationist (according to you), so the important thing is how HE uses the word, and apparently you acknowledge that he makes a distinction. So you've effectively argued my point for me, that Dembski doesn't mean "evolution" when he says "darwinism". If you disagree, then tell me, how does Dembski define "Darwinism"? You implied that Dembski's statement about defeating Darwinism was the same as throwing out evolution. Can you back that up with details about what Dembski means?

Next, tell me please what Darwinism means "in the sense that any scientist would use the word", and what points in Darwinism are "not taught in schools".

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