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Subject:  Re: Get Used To It: We Are Winning in Iraq Date:  3/1/2006  2:14 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  904424 of 2381073

Lowstudent, what rate of innocent Iraqi deaths is sufficient to demonstrate that the security situation there is inadequate? Or is there no level of death - no possible number of people getting killed - that would indicate that there is a problem?

What is being put out is not that the security situation is not adequate.

To claim that is what is being complained about as negative press coverage is not a valid point IMO.

I was under the impresion what was being discussed was the negatives of only negative press coverage. I agree it would be absurd to say there are no problems. We are waste deep in problems.

That said, was the nation waste dep in problems when we got there? I believe the answer is yes, there was massive deaths going on and no hope of progress. Should we be playing up that there is hope? I believe so. Does that mean there are no problems? Absolutely not.

Why is the situation of the two stories not analagous? -Simple one helps our cause one does not. Where are the negatives of playing pro-progress stories. One can clearly site the positives, Your claims were they were analagous because of some percieved negtive in positive stories. It simply is not there, making them- not analagous.
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