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Subject:  Re: Today's Topic Date:  5/11/2006  2:07 PM
Author:  eaglehaslanded Number:  3576 of 40295

Lawyers and pharmacists aren't even remotely alike. Making an analogy between them is pointless.

Well I was trying to explore for a professional who may have an ethical reason to not do something for a client which would be legal for them to do. That specific circumstance occurs in both cases.

The problem is that you see the pharmacists not as someone whose job it is to help their patients, but rather as an agent of your political desires. Guess what, someone's medical care should not be subject to your politics!

Guess what, you don't know what my political desires and politics are! I don't think I want to government to force professionals to do things those professionals, who are charged with exercising independent jusgment, consider inappropriate. No matter what the politics of those professionals are.

Your addition to the ethics code is disgusting. Sometimes we have to throw individual patients under the bus to advance some BS societal policy you want to set?

Oh, great. I'm responding to a hysterical rant from someone who can't read. Please read the link again. I added nothing.

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