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Subject:  Re: New to the fool and my first purchase Date:  7/7/2006  1:38 PM
Author:  SandPockets Number:  1366 of 7325

Thank you Fuma and Pencils for having a quick response. You are both in the middle of the day with the market alive and kicking before the weekend bell and I am out here where it's already going on 8pm, which I am practically getting ready to sleep for my early work day tomorrow.. I won't be looking at the close until then.

To talk about it a little more. Indeed, I plan on my Ebay being one to sit on for awhile. I started getting my interest up when I first purchased my PDA a little over a month ago and realized how well the Pocket Skype worked on a less expensive 400Mhz Texas Instrument processor (remember them from the 80s? I wonder if they might be coming back?). Not to mention that when my wireless internet connection is not congested (We are sharing bandwith, which is suppose to change in a couple months) The Skype sounds amazing. It worked quite well when it transferred to my cell phone. This feature alone I see useful in Ebay vendors being able to leave their homes for a weekend getaway and still be able to talk from a cell phone (or in the near future, a good PDA with broadband) about thier product to a potential buyer who is online looking at the item. Ebay has very good forsight on this one!!

None the less, I am not one who likes to put all of my eggs into one basket. I am reading the posts and all the learning resources that the fool provides for newbies like me. I expect to lose some as I learn and right now, I am in a good position to take some risk. I have until next summer to sit here in my bunk on a laptop when I am not working or sleeping for learning. This will be something which will make me feel like I still am in touch with the rest of the world while in a isolated location and not going anywhere for awhile.

By the way, I did have the opportunity to visit Dubai, UAE for a few hours on a Layover before coming back to Kuwait. They are indeed the building boom you may have heard in past posts. The name "Emerates" was plastered all over the place out there, from the airlines, to the hotel and university. There is literally an entire metropolitan city being built there. I am curious as to what companies are expanding in that region might be potential picks over the next year or two? I know in the newspapers that Dubai is trying hard to invest in other ventures to offset potential long term losses in the oil industry, they even are breaking tradition and changing their weekend from Thursday & Friday to Saturday and Sunday, this at the request of foriegn companies moving into that region. There is a lot of talk in Kuwait of shifting to this type of trade as well. Recently, The new Kuwaiti Amir has lifted the long standing prohibition on Alcohol sales in this country and it's currency (Kuwait Dinar) has been raised 1% in FOREX, which it has already been showing as being strong against the Dollar. In the shadow of the recent war in Iraq the surronding countries seem to be quite stable south of the Iraq border..

On that note, I look forward to reading your posts and hope to find myself gaining a better understanding on how to prepare for my retirement 16 years from now. Perhaps even have my 8 year old learn something about this as well in a few years. Not many 13 year olds have the attention span for a venture like this. You are fortunate to have the ear of your parents. Kinda reminds me of an article I read a couple years back of a Coconut Groove, Florida boy your age that started a business harvesting and selling his own brand of pure honey to local stores. It started as a summer job for him and landed him into a prospective small business. Children like you Pencils, show there is still much to fight for in keeping our capitalist society free..

Until then,
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