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Subject:  Re: Here's your chance: Balance the Fed budget Date:  1/2/2007  11:21 AM
Author:  Pituophis Number:  200146 of 605993

You have cut the deficit by $1725.01 billion.
Your new deficit is $-1324 billion.

I had a similar result...the applet is pretty cool - one thing I like is that it allows one to see more clearly the nature of the deception of the "social security is broke" crowd. -- for instance, if you just click on "find out what the budget is" without making any changes, it will show social security as the longest line of the bar chart, representing $544.82 billion. If you stop right there you will have a completely erroneous idea of how SS effects the federal budget (but those who would turn SS over to the brokers and bankers do stop right there). In reality, social security represents zero net expense on the annual budget. Using the applet, eliminate the supposed $544 billion SS "expense" entirely from your budget and leave everything else the same -- it calculates that you've only cut $25.6 billion, and even that is some kind of accounting artifact I believe since social security actually brings in more than is paid out in benefits.
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