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Subject:  Re: Hearing aid. Date:  1/20/2007  7:46 PM
Author:  riverfloat Number:  11038 of 20783

I'm 2 months into my new hearing aids. I didn't go to an audiologist (though it wa my plan), I went to my local Costco and was tested and fitted by their guy.

I have what I believe is the typical hearing loss pattern. I need the TV too loud (DW says my volume "hurts her ears"), I miss some of the TV conversations, particularly certain women's voices, I have trouble hearing conversations at parties/gatherings, and the final straw for me was going to a seminar and not being able to understand some of the women participants. I am 58 and didn't want hearing aids but decided I was missing too much.

I got BTE (behind the ear) aids. They are Bernafon ICOS, cost at Costco $1,599. each. I researched them as much as I could on the web and they seem to be top shelf in all regards (digital of course). IIRC, Costco's policy is you can return them with 60 days for refund...I'm keeping them.

So here's my report. I could hear before, so my determination of whether they help or not sometimes changes as the wind blows, but...
1. I now listen to TV at a lesser volume (DW is happy).
2. I ask my wife "What did she say?" far less than before. I do have high freq hearing loss, so I still miss some things, though I believe I miss far less than before.
3. I've been to a couple meetings wearing them and I hear better (I think).
4. There are still some voices I still can't hear well, so be it.
5. I hear better on the phone.
6. Like glasses, you don't even know your wearing them. You definitely can notice a different when you remove them.
7. They are invisible (I have enough hair to cover them) and the tube into the ear is virtually invisible.

Final comment, at check-up, I was talking with another customer who was a week into his pair and was unhappy. His expectation was they should essentially restore his hearing. They don't.

Hope that helps,

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