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Subject:  Re: A fix for social security and medicare Date:  3/16/2007  8:28 AM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  3420 of 122765

Goofyhoofy is convinced that Social Security and Medicare are as sound as a dollar, but perhaps that's the problem.

You are a liar. I have never said any such thing.

Goofyhoofy casually dismisses any suggestion that Social Security and Medicare are financially unsound

You are a liar. I have never said any such thing.

While the left resists descriptions of Social Security as a Ponzi scheme, that's just what it resembles.

You are a liar. It does not fit the definition of a Ponzi scheme.

Goofyhoofy is depending on Gen X, Y and Z to be willing to continue to send their money in to Social Security

Yes, I am. I also expect them to pay their income taxes, even though they disagree with how the money is spent. I'm guessing they will even pay their credit card bills, even though they think the rate is too high.

even though a large portion of those generations don't expect the programs to be there for them.

I'm not surprised. With liars such as yourself running around screaming "bankrupt" (a lie) and "Ponzi scheme" (a lie), and with the complicity of the right-wing media, you have managed to undermine one of the great programs of American history, and one which has served the populace well for nearly a century. It is perfect? No. I never said so. Does it deserve to be dismantled, as you and your radical lunatic fringe theories suggest? Absolutely not.
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