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Subject:  Re: First CC debt, then what? Date:  3/23/2007  11:29 AM
Author:  bethdig Number:  250482 of 313032

It's been really great seeing everyone's responses here, and how different everyone's views are on what are "good" and "bad" debts to them (or at least "better" and "worse" debts).

I think it's interesting how we have this great formula for helping people get out of CC debt; i.e. the "snowball method" - which is almost universally agreed upon at this board as the best way to get yourself out of CC debt (with some minor quibbles regarding smallest balance vs. highest rate first, etc.) But when it comes to other debt, it is all so highly individual. Not the method per se, because of course the snowball works on whatever you aim it at: student loans, car loans, savings, mortgage. But the laser-sharp focus at getting to zero only seems to hold for CC debt. It's easy to understand why, CC company practices being "predatory" or what have you.

But when the "gazelle-like" intensity inevitably wanes, what then? To me, it's a bit like being on a diet where you can follow the "rules" to achieve your desired results, but unless you want to follow those "rules" forever, or gain the weight back, eventually you have to figure out how to eat in the real world. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change - that's what they always say at Weight Watchers.

Anyway, sorry to bore you with my musings. If anyone has gotten this far, thanks for reading!
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