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Subject:  to Dr Rick Date:  5/22/2007  10:53 PM
Author:  dovbaer6 Number:  15009 of 23055

once again, you are being argumentative, tone deaf, holier than thou, and somewhat obnoxious.

this is not the first time on this board, and on several other boards, that this has happened to you.

if you want to understand beliefs that people hold, and that you do not hold, it probably is a good idea to NOT ask them to explain things, and then denounce their explanations, and then ask more questions, and then denounce their answers again. it makes you seem like a jerk.

Steven and I disagree on many things, and in some ways I am probably closer to some of your opinions than his on various issues. But, I would rather debate and argue with him than I would with you because he doesnt go out of his way to be unpleasant, and even if you believe you don't do that, you really do.

please, take a breather for a while, ok? come back later and be more respectful of beliefs you dont share. and please dont start whining how you are just trying to learn. there are several people on this board, all knowledgeable and intelligent, on the right and on the left, religious and secular, who have answered your questions, but you just seem to skip over their answers or tear them apart.

Son, you need to take a class called 'Basic Discourse 101 ... How to debate with people without pissing them off'. You really, really need this.


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