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Subject:  Re: Bitter, party of one Date:  7/2/2007  11:37 AM
Author:  GuildWarsQueen Number:  14301 of 40274

I know people keep telling me that eventually the kids will see right through the DisneyLand Daddy act, and will appreciate that Mommy takes care of them and all the details. Intellectually, I can see this. But DOG DAMNIT I do not know how long I can take this. It's a knife straight to the heart. I get the dregs of their lives, the nights spent holding feverish kids, the days spent potty training, the “it's time to go to bed now”s, blah blah blah. DN gets FUN HAPPY DAYS, financed by his mother even, and then gets to drop them off wet, hungry and tired. Fan-effing-tastic.


It's your job to raise them into mature, responsible adults. It sucks that DN isn't helping with that stuff. Maybe you can try to think of a few fun things for you and the kids to do that'll give you some special time with the kids. Schedule a day off from your responsibilities (not necessarily form work, it's fine to do this on a weekend) for you and the kids to just have fun. Don't worry about doing chores for other people, make it a day for just you and the kids (and your BF if you want to invite him along for the fun day). Maybe taking a day off will help you feel better, too.

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