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Subject:  Re: How to handle this budget speed bump Date:  8/24/2007  12:27 AM
Author:  SeeFoolRun Number:  258921 of 313053

Thanks for the replies so far.

I started to get defensive - along the lines of "what do you mean I can't afford it?" or "how do you know what I'll do next month if something breaks?"

But you know what? You're right.

Now that I think about this, buying that dryer on credit - even at 0% - was a poor choice. I could have spent $200 to have the old one repaired, bought a less expensive one that wasn't what I wanted, checked out used appliance shops, etc. We are however both very happy with it and I'm sure we'll get many years of good service from it.

But if I'm going to be serious about getting out of debt, I have to change some mindsets. I have to stop looking at X months @ 0% as the same as cash. I have to stop looking at it like I have $960/month "extra" because that money doesn't have to go to extra payments on debt. I need to look at it like I'm $305,000 short this month.

I'm going to take $81 out of the e-fund/home maintenance account (the amount that is the "home maintenance" portion of that acct). Then I will sell $700 of "stuff" this weekend. That will probably mean parting with a gun or something else I really like. But if I don't feel any pain from this choice, I will make it again next time. Simply extending the debt paydown timeline an extra month is painless. In fact, doing that just makes the next bad choice easier to make.

I got something I really wanted & there's nothing wrong with that. But because of how I got it, I will need to make a choice of what other thing I want that it is going to replace.

Maybe that way I'll make a better choice next time.

SeeFoolRun {is maybe finally understanding what stop digging really means}
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