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Subject:  Re: system restore won't work Date:  11/9/2007  2:09 PM
Author:  rita205 Number:  136534 of 198262

Martin, you said:

Try switching System Restore 'off' and 'on' again, this will remove all SR points, but they are useless anyway.

I did this and I lost the ability to restore to any point in the past. Maybe I misunderstood you when you said that the system restore points were "useless".

If that doesn't fix it reinstall System Restore

I think I'll pass on trying this. I'm a Mac user at home, and I feel pretty secure tinkering with stuff like this on my Mac, but since this isn't my computer, and I don't know what all might cause some conflict, I'll maybe see if our IT guy can do it the next time I see him.

Back to the desktop setting problems, can you explain what they are.

At this point, I'm not sure what I have done and not done. I started out to try to improve the resolution or visibility of the monitor. On a different advice forum, I read that you could get a better screen by increasing the refresh rate. I did that and decided to increase the resolution setting. But, since I wear bifocals, I need everything larger , so I increased the font size and the size of the icons. I think. I'm not sure what came next. Mainly, I just wasn't pleased with the size of everything on the screen.

However, now when I try to increase font or icon size, it messes up the interface of a case management program that we use (a non-commercial program developed for our non-profits). The entire background goes white, and stays that way until I change the font size to normal again.
Who knows what might be causing that, but I guess I'll learn to live with it all until I see the computer guy.

Thanks anyway,

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