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Subject:  Book recommendation Date:  4/25/2008  1:15 PM
Author:  Kazim Number:  14385 of 27167

Hey Bryan, I have a couple of books that you may want to read. I'm not trying to make demands on your time, and I'm not taunting you or saying that you can't be informed without reading them. I'm just saying that you might want to add them to your literary queue because you might like them.

My dad studied physics in the 60's under a fellow named Thomas Kuhn, who wrote two pretty well known books. One is "The Copernican Revolution," and the follow-up (which I think is better known) is "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions." They are layman books, like "Demon Haunted World." Collectively, they explain how widely accepted knowledge in science is sometimes eliminated and overridden by newer evidence that changes accepted theories.

The reason you might like them is, I've often heard ID proponents (mis?)use them as a ray of hope that evolution may someday truly be overturned by design. Of course, I disagree with them, simply because I think that ID is almost certainly incorrect. I do think, though, that if ID is really based on solid scientific reasoning, then these books might help to visualize a roadmap by which evolution will someday be replaced.
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