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Subject:  Re: Great interview with non-selectionist Date:  5/11/2008  9:52 PM
Author:  GusSmed Number:  14623 of 27171

You need to turn down the sensitivity on your creationist detector. This guy is no creationist, and he's not implying any kind of "god" in the whole article.

Yeah, right. It's pretty much impossible to interpret the dreck he's peddling any other way. You didn't fool anyone when you renamed Creationism to Intelligent Design. You think you're fooling people now?

Like you would link to it if you didn't think it supported the ID argument.

Did his statement about hating creationists not register?

Actually, I missed that one. But I guess I've been exposed to a particular troll who claims "not to be a Christian" for rhetorical purposes under some IDs, and yet proudly proclaims his Christianity under others. So when someone starts making comparisons between genetic structures and spiral galaxies and claiming this is significant in some way, I'm inclined to think he's pushing god - whatever he may claim.

He's discussing the work of "the many, many biologists in many countries who have contributed to the new rich panorama we have today of non-selectionist biological mechanisms", kind of like what a science reporter would do.

Sort of like the "many, many" scientists the Creationists always claim are behind them, which actually represent less than 1% of the scientific community, and none of the honest, rational ones.

Anyway, I brought up that neither he nor Fodor are biologists because you're pointing to him as some sort of authority.

Baloney. You and Jim need to read up on the "7 Arguments That Evolution Supporters Should Never Use".

Wow, what a convincing counter-argument. "Is not!" totally blows me away. Now I believe that research biologists regularly talk about evolution not originating "body plans" all the time.


Strange how none of the people mentioned in the article are creationists.

They just talk exactly like Creationists. Just like ID proponents do.

- Gus
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