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Subject:  Re: Types of causation Date:  7/29/2008  4:53 PM
Author:  benjd25 Number:  16126 of 27167 interesting proposition:
"Mindless Materialists: A Controversial proposition

Why Materialists and Idealists Don’t Agree: Those of us who are bothered by the mind-body problem are frustrated by materialist arguments that just don’t seem to get it, and the same is true in the other direction. I believe there is a real possibility that hard-core materialists are mindless, literally: they lack what we call consciousness, or 'mind' and so do not really understand what the fuss is all about. In addition, they will likely think that if we are indeed different than them, that it is some problem of faulty wiring in our brain, which would again be simply missing the point. Of course we would then get into the tricky question as to whether they are truly human, and if they experience anything including pain and pleasure etc, but they wouldn’t understand what we are talking about.

I've always thought the experiences I labeled 'pain' and 'pleasure' were similar enough to others' descriptions to deserve the label... (shrug)
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